Well, really, they actually said it shouldn't be done.


I came up with the idea for Pierceology as a solution to expensive photography. Let's be honest—it's not hard work. And, if you have the passion, it's actually a ton of fun!


I provide a one-hour photoshoot for $100. Total.


THAT is your final price. That INCLUDES taking the best shots and fully editing them AND burning them to DVD and pressing on with life. No watermarks. No hidden fees. No attempts to upsell (because there is NOTHING to upsell). I might snap a few hundred photos in one hour. If there are 50 great images I feel live up to my standards, then you get all 50. Period.


My job is to make you look good. Damn good. And I know how to do it in a way that YOU will be pleased with. And I'm very good. 


How can anyone even mess this up?

They said it couldn't be done.